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Founded in 2013,, Inc. (“ensa”) is a New York City based digital health company.

ensa was created from the efforts of medical doctors, computer science engineers, naturopaths, nutritionists and designers who want to help people stay healthy by integrating technology and holistic healthcare.

The “ensa” name was derived from “ensō ”. The ensō symbolizes enlightenment, strength, and elegance. This is the healthcare goal for our users.

ensa provides a single point for consumers to combine both wellness and clinical data for the purpose of receiving real-time contextual recommendations based on their wellness and intent.

Users sync their health history + biometric sensors (Apple Watch, Dexcom CGM) and receive curated wellness + supplement recommendations. It is the most “medical” of all consumer health and wellness apps, using sophisticated AI/machine learning algorithms.

All healthcare data now becomes meaningful advice. This promotes a healthier lifestyle, and increases patient wellness without always having to see a doctor.

    ensa tries to address these challenges:
  • Traditional medical data is static and inaccessible.
  • Health and fitness apps and biometric sensors lack medical integration.
  • Consumers want their health and wellness data centralized.
  • Consumers want to be in control of, and at the center of, their own healthcare.
  • Consumers want meaningful data that is personalized, evidence-based and actionable.


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    Sync your health history

  • #

    Sync your ​medication and supplement history

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    Sync your Apple HealthKit

  • #

    Sync your Dexcom CGM
    (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

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    Receive the latest wellness recommendations from highly regarded “standard of care” sources

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    Receive personalized supplement recommendations

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    Visit ensa’s on-line supplement dispensary. We offer the highest quality, professional grade supplements for you


2018 AI in Personal Health & Fitness: 10 Companies to Watch in 2018

  • 2018 AI in Personal Health & Fitness: 10 Companies to Watch in 2018

2017 TransTech 200 Up and Coming

  • 2017 TransTech 200 Up and Coming

2016 Silicon Viking Award, Stockholm Sweden

  • Silicon Viking Award 2016
  • Stockholm Sweden


Dr Mike Gerstenfeld



Dr. Mike is the founder of, Inc., a New York City based digital health company focused on technology and wellness. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Kenyon College, and his Medical Degree from F.E.U. School of Medicine. He did his surgical internship and residency at Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York. He continued his training in Internal Medicine at Danbury Hospital/Yale University School of Medicine Program.

He studied Traditional and Eastern Medicine at The Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China as a Danbury Hospital/Yale University School of Medicine exchange fellow.

His executive courses include Big Data from MIT Sloan School of Business, 2013. Dr. Mike serves as Chief Medical Officer at Integrated Medical Centers, providing traditional and complementary healthcare to patients, with a focus on physical medicine and diabetes.

His awards include:

  • 2011 Health Hero Award for Innovation - Governor State of Connecticut
  • 2012 Patients' Choice Award
  • 2013 PATH Award Nominee: Emerging Innovator
  • 2014 Tech Company to Watch
  • 2014 Health Data Liberators Award Nominee
  • 2014 Launch StartUp Finalist-Health & Fitness
  • 2016 Silicon Viking Award, Stockholm, Sweden

Parul Joshi

Product Manager


Parul is Product Manager at, Inc. She is responsible for driving the overall product strategy and roadmap and marketing strategy, programs and communications. She directs the software engineers, designers, marketing and public relations team as per the product phases.

Parul is a Computer Science graduate from New York University. She worked for IBM India as an Application Developer. She received her bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology, India.

Xiaolong Jiang

Lead Engineer


Xiaolong Jiang earned his M.S. in Computer Science from New York University. He is the Full Stack Developer / Machine Learning Engineer of, Inc. He has worked extensively in matters involving designing and implementing recommendation system with imported data from health kit and Electronic Health Record(EHR). He also maintains and develops backend of Ensa based on Ruby on Rails, and iOS front-end based on Objective C.

John Mastrogiovanni



John is Chief Financial Office for ensa. He is responsible for the ongoing financial operational and strategic planning process as an integral member of the senior management team. In addition, he oversees all financial operational reporting, accounting operations, payroll, purchasing, and cash and inventory control functions at ensa.

John ensures that the company’s financial reports are prepared in compliance with U.S. GAAP and SEC reporting requirements. He is a Partner at Palumbo & Mastrogiovanni, LLC. He received his BBA in Accounting from Bernard M. Baruch College and his M.S. in Taxation from William Howard Taft University.

Aaron Josephs

Machine Learning/A.I Engineer


Aaron supports the machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts for ensa. He has advanced coursework in Algorithms, Computational Complexity, and Image Processing.

His skills include Python, SML, Java, MySQL, OpenGL, Android, ImageJ, and he has been a Course Assistant for Intro to Programming (2016-2017). Aaron has led help sessions focused on computer science fundamentals, helped design coursework, graded assignments and exams. He continues his research on defining computational complexity at the Computer Science and Psychology departments at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, May 2018 (expected).

Clients / Partners


ensa Foundation


At ensa, we understand the environment to be one of our key stakeholders and we are committed to harnessing our culture of innovation to improve the state of the world. We leverage the power of our people and our products to reduce the impact that we and our customers have on the planet. Our goal is to help create a sustainable future for all.

Trust & Security

At ensa, trust is our #1 value and we are committed to running the most secure reliable and available digital health application and recommending the hiqhest quality products.


ensa follows a commitment for the creation of the necessary conditions to make effective the equality among people and promote the human relations according to the principles of gender equity, respect, co-responsibility, non-discrimination and work-life balance. Especially, these core values are focused on the respect for people in all the decisions and proceedings within the company as the best way to achieve better results.

Press Releases and Dexcom Partner to Develop Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Experience for people living with diabetes and related conditions

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DexCom, Inc. (Nasdaq: DXCM), the leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), announced today the availability of a public API, empowering third-party developers to connect patient-authorized CGM data into a broad range of software applications. This pioneering approach to CGM data sharing is intended to enable a rich ecosystem of novel solutions and put the user in control of where and how they interact with their glucose data. Named Winner for Silicon Valley Potential Award on Sweden Demo Day, Inc. (, announced today that it has been named the Winner for Silicon Valley Potential Award on Sweden Demo Day. The Award is presented by Silicon Vikings, the Nordic-Made networking organization intersecting between Silicon Valley and the Nordics.

New Smart Wellness App “Ensa” is the First Mobile Solution that Allows Individuals to Directly Connect to their Electronic Health Record, the iWatch & Big Data, Inc. (, selected as a “Tech Company to Watch” by the Connecticut Technology Council, announced today that after five years of development it has launched “ensa”: the world’s first smart wellness app that allows individuals to connect to their Electronic Health Record (EHR) via their mobile device, and receive real-time health recommendations via their smartwatch.

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*Marks & Logo Usage Agreement

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ensa Marks Usage Agreement

This ensa Marks Usage Agreement (“Agreement”) provides the legal terms governing your use of the ensa name, logo, or other registered or unregistered ensa trademarks and service marks owned by ensa (“ensa Marks”) to let your customers know that ensa (“we”, “us”, “our”) provides services for your business. You use of services provided by ensa is governed by the ensa Services Agreement (“Services Agreement”).

You may not use any ensa Marks unless you agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions in this Agreement.

1. Permission to Use ensa Marks

ensa Marks are important assets of ensa’s business and are protected by US and international laws. You may use the ensa Marks as described in this Agreement on a non-exclusive, non-transferable basis on websites or applications that utilize Services (as defined in the Services Agreement). We may revoke this permission at any time at our discretion. We don’t expect to do this without a good reason but, if revoked, you agree to promptly remove any ensa Marks from any websites or applications, or other material.

2. Use of ensa Marks

You may not misrepresent your relationship with ensa. You may not use ensa Marks to show ensa or Services in a disparaging or derogatory light, or in some other way that may be damaging to our brand or interests in ensa Marks

Where only the ensa name or logo is used, as opposed to the “Powered by ensa” or “Connect with ensa” logos, we ask that you provide proper trademark attribution crediting ownership of the ensa Marks to us, such as:
The ensa name and logos are trademarks or service marks of ensa, Inc. or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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3. Limitations on and Good Use of ensa Marks

You may not use the ensa Marks or any confusingly similar name or trademark with your product, service, company, or domain name. For instance, you may not use names like “ensa Business Services”, “ensa for Platforms” or domains like “” Further, you may not use ensa Marks to imply endorsement by ensa of your products or services, or in a manner that causes customer confusion.

You may not display, copy, modify, or transmit the ensa Marks except as described in this Agreement, the guidelines, or otherwise agreed in writing by ensa.

In addition to protecting the ensa Marks, it is important to us that you maintain an independent brand. Even where use of ensa Marks is permitted, we suggest that you prominently use your own marks where also using ensa Marks. For example, “Foo Analytics for ensa” or “Bar Analytics powered by ensa” are acceptable and emphasize your brand; but “ensa Analytics”, “ensa for Platforms”, or “ensalytics” are unacceptable and emphasize the ensa Marks.

5. No Warranties

As part of this Agreement, we do not make any representations regarding your use of ensa Marks. We disclaim all warranties, express and implied, including any warranties of non-infringement.

6. Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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Except as otherwise agreed upon in writing between you and us, this Agreement is the entire agreement between you and us regarding your use of the ensa Marks. We may terminate his Agreement at anytime upon notice to you. You may not transfer this Agreement to any third party. This Agreement is governed by the laws and dispute provisions specified in the Services Agreement, which are incorporated by reference. If any provision or portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, then it will be reformed and interpreted to accomplish the objectives of such provision to the greatest extent possible, and all remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.

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