Press Release, Inc.'s “ensa” – the 1st Mobile Solution that Lets Users Connect to their EHR & Get Personalized Health Advice via iWatch -- Exhibiting at Dublin Web Summit 11/4 has announced that on November 4, it will be exhibiting its groundbreaking smart wellness app “ensa” at the Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, Ireland (Beta Track). ensa is the world’s first mobile solution that enables users to connect directly to their Electronic Health Record (EHR) via their mobile device, as well as get real-time personalized wellness recommendations, feedback and alerts on their smartwatch.

ensa, which has been in development for five years and meets HIPPA security standards, uses advanced Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to connect users with their Electronic Health Record via their mobile device, wherever they are in the world and at any time. As a result, users can rapidly access vital health and medical data without having to contact their doctor or other members of their care team.

In addition, ensa delivers contextualized, curated and actionable health recommendations and advisories in real-time to users via any of their mobile devices. For example, via their smartwatch:

  • A diabetic who has rising blood sugar levels and decreased activity will receive a recommendation to consider chromium supplementation to assist in blood sugar metabolism, in addition to getting feedback on their movement.
  • An asthmatic will receive location-based air quality alerts, along with medication reminders and pharmacy proximity information if they might need an inhaler.

ensa generates these real-time, personalized recommendations via A.I. and predictive analytics that interface with smartwatch sensor data, and glean data from popular health and fitness apps to which users have subscribed (such as Fitbit, RunKeeper, DailyMile, FatSecret, etc.).

Furthermore, ensa delivers permission-based offers that are personalized for each user's health and wellness needs. For example, diabetics may receive an exclusive discount for a new USB glucose meter. They will also receive URLs, email addresses, and phone numbers to get additional details from the manufacturer (e.g. Bayer, GSK, etc.). Users can control which of their conditions receive recommendations, and may opt-out at anytime.

“ensa is the result of a unique confluence of events: the consumerization of healthcare, the ability for patients to access their electronic health records, the growing adoption of biometric devices that connect people to the Internet 24/7, and Big Data,” commented, Inc.’s founder Mike Gerstenfeld, MD, who completed his medical residency at Danbury Hospital - Yale School of Medicine, and holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut School of Business. “Like a personal clinician on call everyday, ensa’s powerful recommendation engine goes with people everywhere to help them stay on the path to wellness -- instead of heading to the doctor’s office, healthcare facility or emergency room.”

For more information or media inquiries, contact Carol Miller at pr(at)ensa(dot)com or visit

About, Inc., Inc. is a healthcare technology company with offices in Connecticut and New York City. The company’s flagship product “ensa” provides a single point for individuals to combine both wellness and clinical data, for the purposes of receiving real-time contextual recommendations.