Our Mission

ensa is a smart wellness app, and the first digital health company to combine user’s wearable devices data(Apple iWatch, Fitbit, glucometers, etc.) and medical records to give actionable wellness recommendations.

ensa uses the most sophisticated machine learning recommendation algorithms. ensa seeks to improve the wellness of people by continuously connecting with users, sending personalized alerts, feedbacks and recommendations.

Company History

ensa was founded in 2013 to provide a single point for users to combine both fitness tracking and clinical data for the purpose of receiving real-time contextual recommendations based on their wellness and intent.

The founder of ensa, Dr. Mike Gerstenfeld, is a Medical Doctor with 20+ years of clinical and technology experience. Dr. Mike understood that traditional medical data is static and inaccessible for the consumer, and health and fitness apps lacked medical integration. With ensa, users will have a simple and secure way to access their medical history while they get personalized recommendations anytime and anywhere.

In 2014, ensa was listed among 33 top New York Health IT investors and companies. HealthIT.gov listed ensa as one of the organzations playing a critical role in managing and improving the quality of health, empowering consumers with access to their health information and encouraging them to take charge of their own health and wellness. In 2016, ensa was granted the Silicon Valley Potential Award in Stockholm, Sweden.