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Continuous, Connected Healthcare for You ™

Ensa connects user's health & fitness apps + medical records giving real time wellness recommendations on their mobile device.

Ensa, your personal digital health assistant, makes understanding your wellness world simple

Trying to lose weight? Struggling with diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure? It’s hard to understand what healthy lifestyle choices are right for you. Ensa, your digital health assistant, makes personalized, real time recommendations just for you. Learn how to live a healthier life easier.

Sync your scattered health & fitness apps to one convenient location

Use Nike+, Fitbit, Up, or any number of mobile and device fitness trackers? It’s easy to get lost in all that data. You shouldn’t need a PhD in Data Analytics to get healthy. Ensa syncs all of your data and converts it into real-time, meaningful advice. All in one place. And, oh yeah, you can share your wellness world with whoever you like.

Take control of your Medical Records

If you’ve ever tried to get your medical records, you know the pain. And once you have them, understanding the codes and language can be near impossible. Ensa securely, syncs your records, and makes them easy to understand. Control your data, share it with your workout buddy or clinician, or maybe both! Ensa is smart. Ensa achieves your goals in ways a pure fitness app never could.


Startup Presenter

Launch Festival 2014, Startup Stage

“...a great organization, two generations ahead of healthcare.”

Launch Festival 2013, Pulse + Signal

“Healthcare goes Hipster.”

Brooklyn Northside Festival 2013, Decision Health


Ensa is a consumer-focused health app comprising a dataset and toolkit that acts as a Single Source of Truth for health and fitness applications.